BÜKE has been serving in the textile industry in Turkey since 1934 joined to Samanci Group textile department in 2003 with an investment that caused to expanding the brand in the international textile business. Our company has annual 500 thousand knitwear 500 thousand t-shirts, sweatshirts are being produced with BÜKE to reach customers through Osmanbey, Laleli, and Merter stores where in Istanbul.

High-quality proficiency and knowledge have come to a form to compete with global brands in the apparel industry with fashion products. In today’s world, the BÜKE products have been illuminating and shaping the men fashion both domestically and overseas with that style and vast marketing network in the global arena. Exporting countries include Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Libya Iran, Irak, Syria and the United States of America are among the countries that building businesses and receiving customers by BUKE related to the textile industry.

The aim is to expand an extensive network in the world market with innovative steps more than today. In this sense, it is making investments and carrying out long-term thoughts to advance the power. Our goal is our quality, BUKE will be using its universal ideas with its high-tech production lines and efforts to move forward with output and display of our brand.